Ambulatory_of_the_Big_Game_Hunt_(looking_south)_-_Villa_Romana_del_Casale_-_Italy_2015.jpeg Trio_en_barque.jpg Chargement_éléphant.jpg Mosaici_della_Villa_del_Casale_-_Piazza_Armerina_-_Sicilia_-_lotta_con_belve.jpeg Ehiza_Afrikan.jpeg Grande_chasse_chariot.jpg Villa_romana_di_Piazza_Armerina_-_Sicilia_-_soldato.jpeg Transport_d'animaux_exotiques,_villa_de_Casale,_Piazza_Armerina,_Sicile,_Italie.jpg 5120.jpg 5121.jpg 5119.jpg 5122.jpg

La Caccia / The Great Hunt Mosaic

The mosaic in the corridor is very complex. It is a depiction of the capture of live wild beast in the most distant parts of the empire and their subsequent transport by ship to Rome for the venationes, fights involving wild animals that were held in Rome in the Colosseum and sometimes in the Circus Maximus and in other arenas.


Grey, Brown, Yellow, White, Green